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Do you need the services of a corporate private investigator? If so, then do not wait any longer to contact one of the experts and consultants at Corporate Investigation Consulting.

Corporate misconduct is widespread in business operations. Fraud, bribery, corruption, or other threats are pervasive in corporate dealings such as foreign transactions, third party deals, accounting practices, or within reporting obligations.

Poor compliance policies and weak corporate structures can make these occurrences more extensive especially when coupled with inadequate online security controls. It is imperative that corporations act to defend their rights by hiring an investigator.

In fact, many corporations are finding it beneficial to hire an investigator to prevent these forms of misconduct, respond to federal investigations, and safeguard their assets, reputation, and business operations for the future.

At Corporate Investigation Consulting, our team includes former FBI agents. As private investigators, we can provide detailed, personalized services for a corporation that identifies instances of fraud, abuse, or other internal misconduct. An investigation will discover the root of the corporation’s problem so that it can be immediately addressed.

Do not wait to get in touch with one of our experienced and qualified investigators today. Put Corporate Investigation Consulting on your side to fight for your reputation, livelihood, and future.

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What Is a Corporate Private Investigator?

A private investigator for the corporate environment is a professional experienced in providing investigative services for a corporation in order to uncover alleged misconduct.

Specifically, the investigator analyzes corporate policies, procedures, structure, employee dealings and behavior, accounting records, etc. to reveal possible threats or fraud through various investigative techniques.

This examination often becomes quite complex, leading to expert advice, credit checks, and criminal background checks. The investigator also aims to minimize the effects of an identified fraud—including reducing unnecessary media attention and mitigating damages by cooperating with federal authorities.

The Importance of Retaining an Independent Private Investigator

Fraud, abuse, and other misconduct can affect an entire business, including its profit and reputation. An investigator can help the corporation detect risks, prevent them from occurring again, and lessen the negative media attention. Your corporate private investigator must be independent of the corporation. You will need a fair, unbiased, and thorough decision.

Hiring an internal personnel member to investigate suspected wrongdoing will not bring about results that will help the corporation in the long-term. In order to thrive, the corporation needs its internal and external threats identified so they can be addressed accordingly.

Only an independent investigator will be able to see matters clearly, investigate all individuals likely involved, and proceed with an impartial mind. The experts and consultants at Corporate Investigation Consulting are prepared to provide such independent and personalized services for our clients.

Further, an independent investigator can help you identify internal and external threats, both of which can lead to federal government investigations. Examples of such threats that we will seek to uncover include instances of embezzlement, fraud, abuse, deceit, misappropriation, intellectual property theft, data theft, computer or internet fraud, cyber crime, accounting fraud, corruption, bribery, or money laundering, as some examples.

If you have questions regarding corporate private investigative services for any of these threats or other threats, contact our private investigators at Corporate Investigation Consulting today.

Conducting Corporate Private Investigations

A corporate private investigator has many tools at its disposal to investigate the operations of the corporation for potential fraud, abuse, or other misconduct. These tools may vary depending on the size, complexity, and nature of the business.

In other words, the investigative approach is specific and personalized for each corporation. Common investigative tools we use at Corporate Investigation Consulting include research, forensics, interviewing, questionnaires, surveillance, and data analysis.

These tools are explained briefly below:

  • Research: A key job of the investigator is researching the corporation—including its operations, market, customer base, key business partners, location, etc.—as well the personnel members in critical positions. This often leads the investigator to suspicious conduct and individuals that warrant further analysis.
  • Forensics: Forensics broadly refers to the detailed investigative tactics used to uncover misconduct. Computer forensics is particularly important in the context of corporate investigations. Computer forensics involves the examination of evidence located in computers, digital storage devices, and software. It can also include evidence found in emails, websites, and deleted files. Also important is forensic accounting, which uses investigative tools to trace the flow of money, identify the source of accounting inconsistencies, and discover financial crime.
  • Interviewing: Investigators often rely heavily on interviewing personnel members to get to the bottom of their investigation. Interviews are often the first step in conducting investigations because they allow the investigator to understand the likely causes of the misconduct and how to proceed with more in-depth investigative tools.
  • Questionnaires: Questionnaires, like interviewing, is also an important part of the investigative process. It allows the investigator to ask specific questions regarding certain conduct or personnel members in the workplace. Like a corporate whistleblower program, sometimes questionnaires can be anonymous to allow individuals to report more freely without fear of reprisal.
  • Surveillance: Sometimes, an investigator will deem it necessary to conduct surveillance of the corporation’s operations. While more covert, this type of investigative tool is very useful when uncovering instances of fraud, abuse, or other misconduct within the corporation.
  • Data Analysis: Data analysis techniques are frequently used by the corporate private investigator. The investigator often relies on this investigative method to inspect various forms of corporate data with the objective of discovering instances of personnel misconduct.

The Value of Proactive versus Reactive Conduct

Internal corporate fraud, abuse, or other forms of misconduct can be devastating for a business. Further, once a federal investigation has begun, the potential for negative impact on your corporation increases. While a private investigator can help lessen the negative attention associated with an ongoing government probe, it is more critical that your corporation be proactive as opposed to reactive.

In a digitalized world where cyber crime, thefts, frauds, and other misconducts are occurring at increasing rates, corporations can easily become the victims of some types of frauds or misconducts. It is critical that corporations retain the services of a business private investigator as soon as they suspect wrongdoing within their corporation. An investigator can identify the source of the problem, isolate and examine it, prevent it from occurring in the future, and lessen the risk and media exposure.

5 Reasons to Choose Corporate Investigation Consulting As Your Company Private Investigator

This section presents five important reasons to choose the experts and consultants at Corporate Investigation Consulting to handle your corporation’s private investigation:

1. Significant Federal Government and Private Experience

At Corporate Investigation Consulting, our team has extensive experience in the federal government. Some of our consultants include former FBI agents. We also have several consultants with significant experience in the private sector.

2. Positive and Lucrative Success Record for Clients

Our firm maintains a reliable and dependable track record of successful outcomes for our clients. We have effectively defended clients in both civil and criminal investigations as well as internal corporate investigations.

3. Vast Breadth of Knowledge Regarding Private Corporate Investigations

The experts and consultants at Corporate Investigation Consulting have been conducting corporate private investigations for years and have a deep understanding of the investigative tools needed to uncover instances of fraud, abuse, or other misconduct within your corporation.

4. Ongoing Support and Communication with Clients

We pride ourselves in our commitment to provide our clients with continuous communication during every stage of the investigation and always make ourselves available—even during the evening hours, nights, and weekends.

5. Dedicated and Personalized Investigative Approach for Each Client

At Corporate Investigation Consulting, we understand that every client deserves a tailored investigative approach. Our experts and consultants are dedicated investigators that work endlessly to uncover corporate misconduct, prevent it from occurring again, and limit the risk exposure of the corporation.

Do You Need the Services of a Private Investigator for Your Organization?

Do you need to hire a corporate private investigator to investigate the internal operations of your business or to ensure that you are compliant with federal law? If so, then do not wait to get in touch with an experienced team of corporate private investigators.

Federal investigations can lead to significant penalties, fines, and sometimes imprisonment terms for the individuals involved in the corporate crime. In today’s world, frauds, misconduct, and crimes are being committed at increasing rates—especially due to advances in technology and the sophistication of the Internet.

It is therefore crucial that corporations take prompt action to retain a corporate private investigator that is independent of the corporation and who is experienced in safeguarding corporate assets, intelligence, and operations; enhancing security and privacy; investigating and identifying instances of fraud, deceit, and other misconduct; and responding to such risks.

At Corporate Investigation Consulting, our team of experts and consultants can review your business operations to identify fraud, correct it, reduce risk exposure, and ensure compliance with federal law.

Call us today or contact our office for a free consultation to protect your business operations, profit, and reputation.

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