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Emergency Protection

If Your Company Needs Immediate Protection in an Emergency Scenario, You Can Trust the Former Federal Agents at Corporate Investigation Consulting. Contact Us Now So that We Can Help You Prevent Unnecessary Losses and Mitigate Any Potential Liability. Your company is facing an emergency. A worst-case scenario. The one thing...

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Cyber Risk & Defense

Responding to Cyber Risks and Defending Against Cyberattacks is a 24/7 Proposition in Today's Corporate Environment. If Your Company is Under Attack, You Need to Engage Experienced Litigation Counsel Immediately. Is your company at risk for a cyberattack? Are you prepared to defend against hackers and other intruders seeking access...

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Breach of Fiduciary Duty

When a Breach of Fiduciary Duty Threatens Your Company or Results in the Loss of a Business Opportunity, You Must Be Prepared to Take Swift Legal Action in Order to Protect Your Business. In the corporate realm, risks lie in many different places. This includes risks that lie within your...

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What Do Pharmacy Owners and Prescribers Need to Know about DEA Drug Diversion Investigations?

An Interview with Former Assistant U.S. Attorney Joanne Fine DeLena and Department of Justice (DOJ) Special Agent Roger Bach Combatting the illicit diversion of prescription medications has long been a top priority of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), among other federal agencies. In order to fight the problem at...

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Current Trends in Corporate Investigations

What Kind Of Investigations Can We Expect As A Result Of The Coronavirus? Anytime the government pays out billions of dollars in cash as a bailout, you can expect significant criminal investigations for many years thereafter focused on the fraudulent use and receipt of those funds. A recent example is...

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Best Practices in Corporate Investigations

Should Our Company's Attorney Handle The Investigation? Commonly, companies initially decide to allow corporate insiders, e.g.., the general counsel, to conduct an internal investigation. In most cases, this is not the ideal solution. Corporate investigations can consume significant resources, diverting those insiders from their normal professional responsibilities within the company....

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Trends in Cybersecurity Cases

Cybersecurity issues are a top concern for consumers and companies as they navigate business transactions in a world of increasing computer sophistication and the potential for cyber-attacks. Companies are especially aware of the importance of maintaining strong cybersecurity standards, though most struggle to implement sufficient measures. Cybercriminals take advantage of...

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