Digital Forensics Consulting for Hospitals

We Utilize Digital Forensics to Help Hospital CEOs and Compliance Offices Make Informed and Strategic Decisions

Hospitals are data-driven businesses. From patient services to billing, and from risk management to financial forecasting, virtually all aspects of hospital operations involve data analysis in one form or another.

But, how do you make sure you have the data you need to make the right decisions? While hospitals generate and store enormous amounts of data as a matter of course, in many cases, it will be necessary to gather data through investigative means. Specifically, hospitals will frequently need to utilize digital forensics. From responding to data security breaches to defending against allegations of billing fraud, hospitals can utilize digital forensics in various ways, and doing so can facilitate informed decision-making when making assumptions is not an option.

How Is the Science of Digital Forensics Used in the Healthcare Sector?

At Corporate Investigation Consulting, we use the science of digital forensics to help hospital CEOs and compliance officers respond to a broad range of circumstances. For example, our services include providing digital forensics consulting for:

Responding to Data Security Breaches

When dealing with a data security breach, one of the first things you need to know is how the intruder was able to gain access to your hospital’s infrastructure. You also need to know what data were compromised, and you need to know if any malicious code was left behind. Our digital forensics services cover these issues and more, and our specialists can get to work immediately if necessary.

Investigating Employee Misconduct

Employee misconduct can put hospitals at risk for significant liability. For example, if an employee creates false records for billing purposes, or if an employee misappropriates or diverts prescription medications, these are both extremely serious scenarios that can give rise to substantial liability exposure. With digital forensics, hospitals can track down specific bad actors, and they can establish documentation that the employee in question went rogue despite the hospital having adequate compliance policies and procedures in place.

Investigating Medical Malpractice Claims

Medical malpractice claims can create substantial liability exposure for hospitals as well. When faced with allegations of malpractice, hospitals must defend themselves by all means available. This includes determining whether the plaintiff is exaggerating or fabricating any allegations. In many cases, hospitals can use digital forensics to gather data from plaintiffs’ phones, vehicles, and computers—and they can then use these data to dispute the plaintiff’s claims of liability and damages.

Demonstrating Compliance

Hospitals should maintain documentation of compliance on an ongoing basis. During a healthcare audit or investigation, this documentation can be used to avoid or mitigate any potential liability. However, if a hospital does not have adequate documentation of compliance on hand, then digital forensics can be used to collect the data that hospitals need to defend against audits and investigations successfully.

Other Regulatory and Litigation Matters

In addition to the scenarios discussed above, hospitals can use digital forensics in various other circumstances as well. At Corporate Investigation Consulting, we provide digital forensics consulting services for all types of regulatory and litigation matters. If you believe that your hospital could benefit from digital forensics, we encourage you to contact us so that we can discuss your facility’s needs in confidence.

FAQs: Utilizing Digital Forensics to Make Informed Decisions and Mitigate Risk in Hospitals

Q: What is involved in conducting a digital forensics investigation?


The procedures involved in conducting a digital forensics investigation will vary depending upon the specific data, data sources, and circumstances at hand. For example, conducting internal data forensics in response to a data security breach is very different from conducting data forensics during discovery in medical malpractice litigation. At Corporate Investigation Consulting, our digital forensics specialists rely on decades of experience to develop and execute custom-tailored strategies that are designed to secure all relevant data as efficiently as possible.

Q: When should my hospital engage an outside firm for digital forensics?


Hospitals can utilize digital forensics under a broad range of circumstances. If you have questions about digital forensics, we encourage you to contact us right away. In many cases, it will be necessary to investigate promptly, before crucial data disappear, and gathering intelligence promptly also allows hospital CEOs and compliance officers to make informed decisions as quickly as possible.

Q: What factors should I consider when choosing an outside firm for digital forensics?


When choosing an outside firm for digital forensics, one of the most-important factors to consider is the experience level of the firm’s specialists. At Corporate Investigation Consulting, our digital forensics specialists have decades of experience. This includes significant prior experience as federal investigative agents and cybersecurity consultants with the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), U.S. Secret Service, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and other agencies.

Q: How can hospitals utilize the data gathered through digital forensics?


After gathering data through forensic means, our specialists and consultants work together to advise our clients regarding their next steps. Rather than simply providing a “data dump,” we clearly outline what our clients need to know, and we work with our clients to help them confidently make informed decisions.

Q: Can digital forensics be conducted confidentially?


Yes, absolutely. At Corporate Investigation Consulting, we maintain strict confidence with regard to all of our client services, and we utilize secure technology platforms to protect our clients’ data at all times. You have enough on your plate already—you should not have to worry that your hospital’s consulting firm is putting its data at risk. We are more than happy to share as much as you want to know about our confidentiality and security protocols, policies, and procedures.

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