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Chris Quick

Former Special
Agent (FBI & IRS)

Roger Bach

Former Special
Agent (DOJ-OIG & DEA)

Timothy Allen

Former Special Agent
(U.S. Secret Service & DOJ-OIG)

Ray Yuen

Former Special
Agent (FBI)

Michael S. Koslow

Former Special
Agent (DOD & OIG)

We Provide Comprehensive Digital Forensics Consulting Services that Meet the Ever-Increasing Demands of Due Diligence, Discovery, and Litigation

Tim Allen

Law Firm Consulting Lead – Timothy E. Allen | Former Special Agent (U.S. Secret Service & DOJ-OIG)

Digital forensics is a burgeoning industry. Major universities now offer degrees in digital forensics, and new digital forensics companies seem to be sprouting up every week. But, for law firms, choosing a newly-minted analyst or an untested digital forensics company isn’t good enough. Law firms cannot afford to take chances; and, whether performing internal due diligence or conducting discovery on behalf of a client, law firms need to know that the data they obtain are both complete and secure.

At Corporate Investigation Consulting, our digital forensics team is comprised of former senior agents with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Internal Revenue Service (IRS), U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), and other federal investigative agencies. These former agents bring centuries of combined experience to the table. With experience conducting investigations on behalf of the government, in response to government investigations, and in connection with pending and potential litigation, we provide efficient and comprehensive data forensics services for all types of legal matters.

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Roger Bach

Former Special Agent (OIG)

Timothy E. Allen

Former Senior Special Agent U.S. Secret Service

Chris J. Quick

Former Special Agent (FBI & IRS-CI)

Maura Kelley

Former Special Agent (FBI)

Ray Yuen

Former Supervisory Special Agent (FBI)

Michael S. Koslow

Former Supervisory Special Agent (DOD-OIG)

Marquis D. Pickett

Special Agent U.S. Secret Service (ret.)

Digital Forensics Tailored to the Unique Demands of Law Firms and Their Clients

Digital forensics means different things to different companies. At Corporate Investigation Consulting, it means collecting all available data beyond a shadow of a doubt, and it means preserving data in such a manner that they remain admissible in litigation.

We custom-tailor our digital forensics services to the demands of each particular circumstance for which we are engaged. This includes the nature of the legal matter, the nature of the issues involved, and the volume of data that needs to be obtained. Depending on what is required, we can provide services including (but not limited to):

  • Implementing IT infrastructure contingency and recovery plans
  • Preserving the admissibility of data pursuant to state and federal rules of evidence
  • Extracting pertinent data from “memory dumps” and other voluminous data sources
  • Modifying and manipulating system components as necessary
  • Processing and transporting mobile devices, electronic storage devices, and other hardware to preserve data and prevent physical destruction
  • Utilizing platforms including Microsoft Hyper-V, VMWare vSphere, and others to locate, collect, and preserve data
  • Analyzing packets, volatile data, malware, and other assets and code
  • Establishing and maintaining cybersecurity in connection with conducting digital forensics
  • Documenting the chain of custody for electronic data secured through digital forensic means
  • Assisting with analysis and production of electronic data during discovery

Whatever your firm or client may demand, we can provide a solution that works. Our digital forensics specialists can work remotely and on-site, and we can deploy specialists anywhere in the United States or around the world on an as-needed basis. As a professional digital forensics consulting company, we take pride in utilizing our experience to timely meet law firms’ and companies’ urgent demands, and we confer unwavering confidence in the sufficiency and efficacy of the services we provide.

FAQs: Digital Forensics for Due Diligence, Discovery, and Other Legal Matters

Q: What are the steps involved in conducting digital forensics and preserving data’s admissibility in court?

In broad terms, there are five main steps involved in conducting effective digital forensics. These steps are: (i) identification of data sources, (ii) preservation of data, (iii) collection of data, (iv) data analysis, and (v) documentation. Each of these steps can present its own unique challenges, and collecting and preserving data effectively requires deep subject matter expertise both in the field of digital forensics and with regard to the legal issues at hand.

With our consultants’ and specialists’ FBI, IRS, DOJ, and Secret Service backgrounds, we are able to efficiently and effectively conduct large-scale digital forensics investigations. We are familiar with all major software and hardware platforms, and we know what is required in order to preserve the admissibility of evidence in court. When we work with a law firm, we begin by strategizing with the firm’s attorneys and the client’s key stakeholders (if required), and then we work quickly to secure all available data before it disappears.

Q: What are some of the main challenges involved with conducting digital forensics in connection with pending or potential litigation?

Conducting digital forensics in connection with pending or potential litigation presents a number of different challenges. While these challenges will vary from one matter to the next, some of the primary recurring issues involve:

  • Identifying all data sources
  • Protecting hardware and data against destruction
  • Accessing encrypted and other secure data platforms
  • Working within time restraints
  • Avoiding any potential arguments for inadmissibility

At Corporate Investigation Consulting, we have extensive experience overcoming these challenges, and we have the technological tools and resources required to identify, collect, and preserve voluminous data in all formats. This allows us to get to work immediately and work efficiently to meet law firms’ and their clients’ demands.

Q: What are the benefits of engaging a digital forensics consulting company that employs former federal agents?

The benefits of engaging a digital forensics consulting company that employs former federal agents are significant. Working in high-ranking positions within federal agencies such as the FBI, IRS, DOJ, and Secret Service affords experience that simply cannot be gained through other means. At Corporate Investigation Consulting, our consultants and specialists rely heavily on their past experience to develop strategies and provide insights and advice that law firms and their clients can use to move forward with confidence.

Q: Why Should Law Firms Choose Corporate Investigation Consulting for Digital Forensics?

Our consultants’ and specialists’ high-level federal investigative experience sets us apart from most other digital forensics consulting companies. Combined with our specific focus on serving law firms and their clients, this experience affords the certainty that law firms need when undertaking internal investigations and conducting discovery on behalf of their clients. To learn more about why law firms nationwide choose Corporate Investigation Consulting for digital forensics, contact us today.

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