Digital Forensics Consulting for Hospice and Home Health Agencies

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Digital Forensics Consulting for Hospice and Home Health Agencies

Tim Allen

Home Health Hospice Team Lead – Timothy E. Allen | Former Special Agent (U.S. Secret Service & DOJ-OIG)

Corporate Investigation Consulting has experienced digital forensics experts nationwide supported by former law enforcement personnel, former intelligence officers, and legal experts. We are your best-suited consultants for digital forensic investigations. Our experts offer unlimited reach to your data to facilitate investigations and litigation issues.

Hospices and home health agencies access and store sensitive digital data containing patient information. You need experts that can collect data in any jurisdiction nationwide amidst complex data privacy regulations, limited technical infrastructure, and other challenges.

We can prevent and respond to cybersecurity threats and breaches. We can also support hospices and home health agencies in federal criminal allegations that depend on digital forensics. Corporate Investigation Consulting offers digital forensics consulting services that include but aren’t limited to collecting, organizing, and analyzing forensic data to facilitate strategic decisions.

Call Corporate Investigation Consulting 866-352-9324 now for digital forensics consulting services nationwide such as security evaluation, litigation support, risk management, emergency responses, and more!

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Roger Bach

Former Special Agent (OIG)

Timothy E. Allen

Former Senior Special Agent U.S. Secret Service

Chris J. Quick

Former Special Agent (FBI & IRS-CI)

Maura Kelley

Former Special Agent (FBI)

Ray Yuen

Former Supervisory Special Agent (FBI)

Michael S. Koslow

Former Supervisory Special Agent (DOD-OIG)

Marquis D. Pickett

Special Agent U.S. Secret Service (ret.)

Our Services

We offer many digital forensics consulting services. The main services include:

Computer Forensics

We can handle all digital forensics issues related to computers in a hospice or home health agency. Our experts can recover data from computers, hard drives and show proof of intent in investigations. Our scope extends to computer systems, electronic documents, storage mediums, and any other computer-related forensics aspect such as embedded systems.

Network Forensics

We can also analyze and monitor computer network traffic locally and online to gather information, collect evidence or detect intrusions. Since healthcare establishments like hospices collect and store sensitive patient information that includes patients’ names, addresses, DOBs, credit card information, etc., it’s important to have experts like us monitoring your network. We can also come in to help in network-related threats and intrusions.

Forensic Data Analysis and Mapping

Corporate Investigation Consulting can also examine structured data to unearth fraudulent patterns related to billing and related activities in home health/hospices.

Our experts can map sources and custodians of data and preserve such information while adhering to data collection, privacy, and transfer regulations nationwide.

Mobile Device Forensics

Corporate Investigation Consulting can also recover data from all mobile devices today. Considering every organization has staff using mobile devices at work, it’s important to have experts that can recover and investigate data and other useful findings from such devices in the event of a computer-related crime in your hospice or home health company.

We have experts in inbuilt mobile communication systems and proprietary mobile storage mechanisms capable of recovering call data, text messages, and other data transmitted via mobile devices. We can recover deleted data and facilitate mobile device investigations by answering critical information on a user’s location, communications, etc. Our service extends to extracting all forms of data from all mobile phones, cloud services, tablets, social media, and more while adhering to data privacy laws.

Database Forensics

We also handle database-related investigations. Our experts can assess log files, database contents, and in-RAM data for recovering relevant information and building a timeline. Talk to us if your hospice/home health database has been compromised or requires assessment.

Specific Reasons why Home Care Agencies & Hospices Need Digital Forensics Consulting Services

For compliance: Given the ever-changing cybersecurity threats and regulations surrounding data and privacy, healthcare organizations need to ensure compliance at all times. Digital forensics consulting experts are the best-suited experts to establish compliance with data laws.

To establish wrongdoing: Staff in hospices and home health agencies can have criminal intentions ranging from data theft to sabotage, embezzlement, and billing fraud. Hackers can also attempt to hack hospice systems and patient databases. Audit processes can also uncover issues. Digital forensics is the surest way of establishing wrongdoing beyond reasonable doubt.

To recover from losses: Cybersecurity incidences can result in losses. Finding the root-cause of such incidences may be the only way of recovering from resulting losses.

Digital forensics is crucial for hospices and related organizations for other reasons, such as establishing reasons for accidents and mishaps like procedural failures.

Why Us?

Corporate Investigation Consulting is among the best, if not the best in digital forensics consulting in the U.S. for many reasons. The main ones include;

Trained, Certified and Experienced Experts

We have experts in forensics and related fields i.e., legal experts who work fast and effectively under a wide range of circumstances. Our experts are certified with global experience. What’s more, we have former FBI agents, former law enforcement officers, former prosecutors, and private investigators nationwide with a proven record in dealing with digital forensics issues. Certification and practical experience in digital forensics investigation processes guarantees results.

Knowledgeable Experts on Data Security, Evidentiary and Forensic Principles

Our experts know how to collect and preserve data admissibility while managing possible risks like a third-party intrusion. They are also knowledgeable on cybersecurity and privacy laws, policies, regulations, and ethics, encryption algorithms, hospice/home health agency computer systems, hacking methodologies, reverse engineering concepts, legal governance on admissibility, physical computer components, and more!

We aren’t a novice corporate investigations consulting company with basic knowledge on operating systems, cybersecurity polices, and related issues. We can handle and adjust to any digital forensics consulting issues that face us on the job.

Nationwide Presence

Corporate Investigation Consulting offers services all over the U.S. We have established a network of digital forensics experts and supporting professionals nationwide, allowing us to take up and solve digital forensics issues for hospices and home health agencies located anywhere in America.

Unmatched Analytical and Data Presentation

While we offer a complicated service that many home health/hospice owners may not understand fully, we communicate our findings and recommendations in a manner/language that anyone who isn’t tech-savvy will understand. Our experts can also communicate effectively in layman terms to foster an in-depth understanding of underlying issues and allow informed decisions.

Get a free-confidential consultation from our digital forensics consulting experts now. We have helped many home health/hospices comply with regulations, establish wrongdoing, gather evidence, and recover from losses through our services. Call now, 866-352-9324, or contact us online, for inquiries on all digital forensic matters.

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