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Medium to Large Corp Consulting Team Lead – Timothy E. Allen | Former Special Agent (U.S. Secret Service & DOJ-OIG)

Corporations must abide by specific laws and regulations. Compliance consulting can be defined as a continuous process for ensuring compliance to state and federal laws dictating how corporations do business in the U.S.

Compliance requirements cover everything from licensing to financial reporting, cybersecurity, data, privacy, and tax matters. Corporations that fail to comply with regulations or requirements risk being fined, facing lawsuits, or other disciplinary actions.

Corporate Investigation Consulting handles all compliance matters for medium to large corporations doing business in America and beyond. Corporations that can’t keep up with the everchanging regulatory environment can work with us. While handling compliance issues in-house may appear to be prudent, corporations need independent experts like us who will view compliance objectively.

Why Should Corporations Bother with Compliance Consulting Services?

To avoid trouble: Most legal problems faced by corporations can be linked to noncompliance. A risky product can be a result of noncompliance with industry standards for sourcing materials. Fraud can be linked to lack of concrete internal controls. Loss of sensitive consumer data may be linked to noncompliance with the latest cybersecurity guidelines. Corporations can avoid lawsuits and other issues like poor reputation by complying with every regulation and guideline applicable. As a result, compliance issues must be left to experts.

Reduce risk: All businesses face risks. However, those that have risk compliance strategies in place can withstand common risks. Complying with financial reporting standards can save a corporation from the consequences of abrupt external audits. Corporations need experts to craft foolproof compliance strategies that account for every possible risk.

Reduced cost: While compliance appears to be costly, the cost associated with non-compliance are higher. It’s cheaper for a corporation to comply with reporting standards than hire lawyers and other corporate investigation experts to fix the consequences of noncompliance. A cybersecurity compliance plan is also cheaper than dealing with intellectual property theft. What’s more, leaving compliance to novice in-house staff will lead to additional problems.

Competitive advantage: Since most corporations don’t take compliance seriously, hiring compliance experts can give a corporation that much needed competitive advantage. Compliance also has indirect benefits that boost a company’s competitiveness. For instance, employees working in a compliant organization tend to be motivated to do better.

Corporations are aggressively monitored in the U.S. To survive in an everchanging regulatory landscape and increased scrutiny, corporations need to outsource compliance to experts like Corporate Investigation Consulting.

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Roger Bach

Former Special Agent (OIG)

Timothy E. Allen

Former Senior Special Agent U.S. Secret Service

Chris J. Quick

Former Special Agent (FBI & IRS-CI)

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Former Special Agent (FBI)

Ray Yuen

Former Supervisory Special Agent (FBI)

Michael S. Koslow

Former Supervisory Special Agent (DOD-OIG)

Marquis D. Pickett

Special Agent U.S. Secret Service (ret.)

Consequences of Noncompliance with Stringent Rules

Besides complying with typical regulations on licensing, financial reporting, privacy, and cybersecurity, corporations must comply with many other requirements. The strictest internal requirements govern everything from how meetings are held to how bylaws are adopted and updated. Other unique requirements include recording stock transfers. Noncompliance with such requirements comes with consequences.

Individual shareholder consequences: Corporations that get sued and are unable to convince the court that they are compliant with the regulations in question can be deemed to be acting like general partnerships or sole proprietorships, and treated as such. Corporations in such circumstances lose their limited liability protections exposing individual shareholder assets if lawsuits judgments are unfavorable.

Good standing consequences: Corporations that lose their status due to noncompliance also risk other consequences at state level, such as losing good standing. Different states have different rules on good standing. Some states impose penalties, while others impose tax fees. Good standing issues can cause administrative problems where important corporation benefits are lost.

Corporate Investigation Consulting’s nationwide compliance consulting services cover corporations operating in all states. Our compliance professionals understand state good standing rules and situations that can expose a corporation’s owners and their assets. We can avoid the above consequences and more defending corporations that find themselves in compliance problems. Claim a free compliance consultation NOW: 866-352-9324.

Our Compliance Consulting Process

Corporate compliance is easy with Corporate Investigation Consulting. Corporations that trust us with their compliance issues can rest easy. We don’t stop until we ensure compliance with any applicable state or federal regulation. Corporations that work with us can also rest assured they’ll keep their good standing status, and assets will be safe from compliance lawsuits.

Corporate Investigation Consulting also monitors for compliance constantly and keeps management informed on any new regulations, hidden compliance issues, and imminent compliance actions that must be taken.

Compliance Consulting Services

We offer many compliance services. The main ones include:

Licensing compliance: Corporations must get and maintain certain state and local licenses. We advise and facilitate all corporation licensing compliance issues nationwide.

Compliance recordkeeping: We can maintain a corporation’s records as per state/federal law and strict observance of applicable data and privacy laws.

Corporation expansion/contraction compliance: We can also advise business activities such as expansions, contractions, mergers, acquisitions, listings, etc., and help corporations meet any compliance issues arising from such activities. Our services extend to facilitating filing of documents to change shares issues, an entity’s names, etc.

Financial reporting compliance: Our finance professionals can advise corporations on every state and federal regulation applicable to financial reporting. We advise on filing state reports, paying state fees, and more.

Tax compliance: We can advise on tax compliance matters like reporting and payments.

Compliance-related legal issues: Corporations that are sued due to compliance-related issues can seek legal assistance from us. We can respond to lawsuits and produce compliance defenses that avoid hefty fines and other negative consequences.

Corporate Investigation Consulting can help with audits and inspections done by government agencies when investigating compliance. Our legal professionals can assist with criminal charges following noncompliance. We can tackle other disciplinary actions like suspension and revocation of licenses on behalf of our clients.

Our nationwide presence and a vast team of former special agents, legal professionals, private investigators, former prosecutors, and many other experts & consultants in supporting fields gives us unique abilities to handle nationwide corporation compliance consulting issues.

Our services also guarantee value for money. Corporate investigation consulting services are naturally costly. We don’t need to outsource any expertise or face other costs incurred by smaller firms so we pass cost savings to our clients. Claim a free consultation now! Call 866-352-9324, or reach out online.

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