External Audit Defense for Medium-Large Corporations

External audit defense services: For medium to large corporations, external audits are independent investigations into a Corporation’s finances. The audits examine compliance with specific rules and regulations on financials. The audits are done by external auditors to ensure they result in an independent and unbiased audit report.

If external audits detect fraud, noncompliance, among other irregularities or wrongdoing, A corporation can face negative consequences like hefty fines, lawsuits, reputation damage, among other issues. When this happens, corporations need expert help to navigate such problems.

Corporate Investigation Consulting helps both medium and large corporations to navigate external audit issues. We can question external audit processes, challenge evidence collection, defend corporations in legal matters, investigate regulator processes, and much more!

Our external audit defense services extend to finding the root cause of customer complaints and inquiries that can trigger an external audit. We investigate competitors and other third parties to assess the legitimacy of audit processes.

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Our External Audit Defense at a Glance

Corporate Investigation Consulting will:

  • Respond to an external audit notice on behalf of clients
  • Defend clients on all external audit hearing with auditors
  • Work with external audit representatives to ensure they audit in accordance with respective guidelines.
  • Help clients resolve all external audit issues from penalties to legal processes

Who does Corporate Investigation Consulting Work With?

Public Corporations

Medium to large corporations whose shares are publicly traded in the stock market or over-the-counter are considered public, making them subject to the Securities regulations such as Securities Act -1933 & SEA (Securities Exchange Act – 1934). Public corporations must follow legal obligations such as preparing external audits annually and submitting audit results to the SEC (Securities Exchange Commission). Public corporations also need to meet other related requirements, such as preparing a report on a corporation’s internal controls and ensuring auditors validate such a report.

Corporate Investigation Consulting can help public corporations abide by all external audit requirements nationwide and beyond. Our service ensures a corporation’s management complies with external audit requirements seamlessly. We can also offer external audit defense services if a corporation doesn’t meet SEC requirements on audits, among other regulatory guidelines.

Private Corporations

While public corporations aren’t legally obligated to do external audits, it’s important to do so. Voluntary external audits can ensure external audits from regulators don’t uncover costly issues like noncompliance with stringent rules. Voluntary audits are also part of good industry practice. Some lenders may also demand external audits before they release funding. External audits are also part of doing business i.e., when corporations are bidding for contracts or presenting proposals.

We assist medium to large private corporations conduct voluntary external audits. We can also find and solve external audit problems before regulators find them. Private corporations that are subjected to external audits due to whistleblowers, customer complaints, etc., can count on our external audit defense services.

Nonprofit Corporations

Nonprofit corporations are legal entities that exist for other purposes besides making profits for shareholders. Nonprofits may be subjected to different laws depending on the jurisdiction. While the IRS doesn’t require nonprofit corporations to get audits, state and federal agencies can require audits depending on a nonprofit’s spending, size, source of funding, etc.

We can help nonprofits meet external audit requirements in the examination of financial statements and offer external audit defense services in case of issues such as noncompliance with certain standards i.e., federal grants management, among other rules applicable to nonprofits that solicit public funds.

Other Types of Corporations

Corporate Investigation Consulting can assist other types of corporations doing business nationwide and beyond.

All corporations, regardless of size or regulations, should do external audits to boost credibility. External audits don’t have financial incentives only. Annual external adults are important for corporate responsibility. Call Corporate Investigation Consulting on 866-352-9324 for nationwide external audit services.

Our Role

We assist in external audit matters in many ways. Here’s what it’s like working with Corporate Investigation Consulting

Representing a Corporation’s interests

Our external audit defense services are aimed at protecting corporations. External audits from auditors, among other enforcement agencies, investigate financials. Our work is to go ahead of regulators, among other entities, and fix any external audit issues. We can assess for validity, and other factors ensuring a corporation’s management receives accurate information on the external audit position.

Since management and the board can question external audit results from regulators, we can defend such instances through many ways, including questioning such results and methods used to arrive at such results.

Boost Accountability

Our external audits have improved how corporation policies and measures surrounding financials and other issues serve the main goal. Besides offering external audit defenses, we also make recommendations for the good of a corporation. We can identify malpractices done by in-house staff such as inflating figures and recommend solutions to such problems such as layoffs, demotions, and other disciplinary actions.

Risk Mitigation

Our services can be proactive. While we come in mostly when there are external audit issues, we can offer our services to boost corporate governance. Our periodic risk assessments assess risk and measures in place to prevent such risks. We can assess risks such as corruption, fraud and noncompliance in medium to large corporations and risk tolerance with the sole purpose of mitigating a corporation against such risks.

Crisis Management

Our audit defense services are about managing crises related to external audits. Audit investigations can halt operations in corporations. They can also plunge corporations into legal battles costing millions of dollars. Other unfavorable consequences include hefty fines.

Our external audit experts can assist with such crisis. We have helped many corporations nationwide deal with the consequences of negative external audit results. Our help extends to representing the corporation and its officials from media and law enforcement actions.

We can also assist in establishing strong regulatory relationships and cooperation between other agencies involved in audits. Regulators don’t have problems with corporations with transparent operations and those eager to comply with regulations.

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