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Cybersecurity needs keep evolving today. Private companies are at risk now more than ever. Those companies in highly sensitive fields face the worst threats. The importance of having a good cybersecurity strategy can’t therefore be overlooked. To ensure cybersecurity measures are adequate, companies need regular audits from experts.

That’s where Corporate Investigation Consulting comes in. We are experts in cybersecurity consulting and internal audits. Our services are extended to pharmaceutical manufacturers and other companies that wish to assess internal controls and cyber threats before implementing new strategies and policies to safeguard cybersecurity and meet other objectives like compliance.

Effects of Cybersecurity Breaches in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Facilities

To understand in-depth why cybersecurity consulting and internal audit services are crucial, It’s important to see what your company stands to lose in a cybersecurity breach. Hacking can;

  • Threaten proprietary digital assets.
  • Damage critical systems that your company depends on to do business.
  • Expose private information.
  • Divert your time and resources to mitigating damage, installing new systems, etc.
  • Cause serious legal problems. Loss of confidential consumer data can result in lawsuits.
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Cybersecurity and the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Industry

Pharmaceutical manufacturers collect and store a lot of data that includes proprietary information on patented drugs, data on pharmaceutical industry technologies and advances, consumer information, and other sensitive and valuable data to cyber criminals. Pharmaceutical manufacturers who lose control over such data face serious consequences that include loss of consumer trust and huge losses.

Developing comprehensive cybersecurity standards is a critical part of any pharmaceutical manufacturing company. Those that fail to prioritize cybersecurity open themselves up to vulnerability.

Corporate Investigation Consulting has cybersecurity experts that can protect your intellectual property, prevent litigation and huge losses arising from hacks. We can also facilitate internal audits and set up cybersecurity strategies that prevent loss/damage of valuable research data preventing wastage of resources in new clinical trials. Our services also ensure your brand image remains intact.

The U.S. pharmaceutical industry hasn’t been treating cybersecurity as seriously. Most manufacturers have outdated cybersecurity practices even after numerous highly publicized cyber-attacks recently. While the sense of urgency is present, cybersecurity protocols must move at the same pace, if not faster than the threats.

What do Hackers Gain from Hacking Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Companies?

Hacks that target pharmaceutical manufacturers are after something more valuable than money – intellectual property. Biotech and pharmaceutical companies are moving online. As they digitize and store valuable data on cloud, they are becoming attractive targets. Intellectual property on popular drugs is in high demand in the dark web. Pharmaceutical companies are also willing to pay “ransom” to get stolen intellectual property back.

Learn how pharmaceutical manufacturers in the U.S. can protect themselves today from cyber criminals. CALL – 866-352-9324.

What Will Corporate Investigation Consulting do for You?

Our cybersecurity experts can protect drug manufacturers from many cyber threats and scenarios.

Safeguarding Digital Assets

Our cybersecurity consulting and internal audits service will keep your digital assets safe. Pharmaceutical companies have secret drug formulas for their proprietary drugs and other strictly confidential data. Companies with popular drugs are constant targets for cyber criminals out to steal drug formulas to sell to competitors interested in creating replica drugs under different brand names.

Our services ensure your secret formulas will never be stolen and sold to your competitors or used to extort you. The existence of your manufacturing facility depends on the safety of your proprietary drug formulas. Don’t risk your entire operation!

Protect Your Operations from Internal Threats (People)

Drug manufacturing operations require a workforce. However, the same workforce can pose serious risks. Workers who don’t follow standard cybersecurity principles can put your operation at risk. Compromised staff can also sell secret drug formulas and drive you out of business.

Our cybersecurity experts with backgrounds in intelligence, law enforcement, and legal matters know how to design foolproof cybersecurity strategies for drug manufacturing companies. We know how to train staff to detect and avoid common cyber threats faced by many companies in the drug manufacturing industry.

Consulting During Mergers and Acquisitions

Drug manufacturing companies looking to merge or acquire other companies do so for growth-related purposes. However, mergers and acquisitions introduce serious cybersecurity threats if the resulting operation inherits cybersecurity weaknesses. Changes in cybersecurity strategies as well as new access to data from either party to a merger or acquisition can compromise data.

We advise pharmaceutical manufacturing companies looking to merge or acquire new companies on doing so without compromising cybersecurity.

IOT and Litigation

The pharmaceutical industry has embraced IOT (Internet Of Things) to improve access to important documents and data. IOT has also made big data critical in tacking trends on health. However, this has introduced unique privacy challenges.

All pharmaceutical manufacturers in the U.S. and many other countries globally are faced with new privacy regulations like the GDPR meaning outdated internet security protocols and privacy policies expose drug companies to legal litigation. IOT exposes risks to cybersecurity incidents resulting in numerous lawsuits that may bankrupt a drug manufacturing company.

We can assess existing cybersecurity protocols through internal audits and help pharmaceutical manufacturers create robust data and privacy controls that trace how data moves.

Quick Guide to our Cybersecurity Services

Once you hire Corporate Investigation Consulting, we will get to work and:

Create a Cybersecurity Culture

We facilitate employee training on cyber threats and industry best practices to protect critical systems and confidential information. Our cybersecurity consulting and internal audits are focused on ensuring employees take active roles in a company’s security strategy.

Classify Data

Drug companies must classify sensitive data such as drug formulas and compounds that are the lifeblood of the organization. We help drug manufacturers identify different types of data and grant access to that data based on certain criteria.

Mitigate Insider Threats

We also help our clients implement important security measures such as virtual private networks, firewalls, email security gateways, etc. to mitigate threats.

Establish Secure Data Backups

Pharmaceutical companies must back up their data regularly and securely away from day-to-day environments to protect our clients from ransomware attacks.

We do much more for pharmaceutical manufacturing companies. For more on our pharmaceutical cybersecurity consulting and internal audits, contact or call us at 866-352-9324. Get a free-confidential consultation with our cybersecurity experts now!

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