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Cybersecurity Consulting & Audits for Pharmacies

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Independent pharmacies are easy targets for hackers today. In fact, they face higher cybersecurity risks now than ever before. Increasing incidents of pharmacy cybersecurity breaches highlight existing risks. However, independent pharmacies that seek professional cybersecurity consulting services reduce their vulnerability significantly.

Corporate Investigation Consulting offers cybersecurity consulting and internal audits to pharmacy owners nationwide. Our services handle all your cybersecurity and internal controls of your pharmacy, among other related issues like corporate governance.

Why are Pharmacies Targets for Hackers?

Pharmacies are easy targets for hackers because of two main reasons. One, they store patient health and personal identifiable information, which is priceless in today’s data-driven world. Pharmacies also ignore cybersecurity. Outdated firewalls and routers with home grade security or outdated firmware make pharmacies easy targets for hackers after personal information.

Corporate Investigation Consultants like us who do cybersecurity consulting and internal audits can easily identify cybersecurity threats and poor internal controls in your pharmacy and ways of combating them.

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Typical Cybersecurity Threats Faced by Pharmacies

Today’s pharmacies face five main cyber threats. They include:


Malware is everywhere, from emails to websites and social media sites. Malware encompasses any software intentionally made to harm or perform malicious activities to a computer, computer network, or server. Malware encompasses viruses, trojans, worms, etc. Independent pharmacies are exposed to malware when staff click on social media links, open infected emails, or perform innocent online activities like research.

Social Engineering

Social engineering is a common information security problem faced by pharmacies. Since pharmacy staff handle confidential information on a day-to-day basis, they may be susceptible to psychological manipulation. Your staff can be manipulated to divulge or perform certain actions exposing confidential information. Social engineering risks can be averted by proper assessment of internal controls (internal audits) and training on cybersecurity risks.


Ransomware also poses serious risk to pharmacies. Considering pharmacies store important personal information and patient data as part of daily operations, hackers have an incentive to use ransomware to lock-out pharmacy staff from their own systems and demand ransom to avail the same systems.

Email Threats

Emails are inevitable in a pharmacy operation. Pharmacies need to correspond with patients, staff, vendors, doctors, etc. However, email security is largely dependent on the provider. Emails carry malware and suspicious links (phishing links).

Corporate Investigation Consulting has cybersecurity experts who can facilitate pharmacy staff training on all possible cyber threats, including using emails safely. We have experts in every field imaginable, including vishing to ensure your staff aren’t tricked using fake caller IDs or lured into submitting personal patient information. We can assess and secure your pharmacy’s website, phone number, patient information, digital certificate, and more, preventing liability.

Your pharmacy is responsible for protecting patient data and other information. What’s more, many small businesses hardly overcome security breaches, with costs of recovering from breaches averaging $500,000 or more in some cases. Different states also have different rules on handling security breaches. The importance of cybersecurity consulting services can’t, therefore, be overlooked.

Don’t gamble with cybersecurity and related issues in your pharmacy. Talk to experts like Corporate Investigation Consulting.

Measures any Pharmacy Owner can Take to Prevent Cybersecurity Risks

While professional cybersecurity consulting is the best way to safeguard your pharmacy, you can take the following measures in the meantime.

  • Install reputable anti-virus software in all your pharmacy computers and keep the software updated.
  • Use a business-grade router and firewall.
  • Train your pharmacy staff about cybersecurity threats regarding emails, fax, phone, internet browsing, social media, etc.). Having a cybersecurity savvy team will reduce risks immensely.
  • Implement internal controls related to handling of sensitive data. You need a cybersecurity expert to establish cybersecurity-related policies and procedures in your pharmacy.
  • Separate your LAN (where data is stored) and wireless networks.
  • Find a secure pharmacy management system.
  • Use encryption software like BitLocker on servers and workstations .
  • Get the right insurance for your business. In case of a cyber-attack, you need coverage to survive the hefty costs associated with dealing with security breaches.

If the above measures are too technical, seek cybersecurity pharmacy consultant services and focus on your bottom-line. Experts are not only important in preventing attacks. They also assist with other tasks such as documentation. Victims of cyber-attacks need proof to get insurance compensation and handle arising legal matters successfully.

Pharmacy Cybersecurity as a Core Strategy

Cybersecurity should be part of the most important strategies when establishing and running a modern pharmacy. Technology is ever-changing and security threats keep evolving. Your pharmacy faces constant threats, which is why cybersecurity should be a continuous effort.

Pharmacies must devolve time and resources to deal with security challenges. Our cyber consulting services involve the use of intrusion prevention systems and detection systems that monitor network traffic and security. We can find unwanted or unusual traffic, stop unauthorized access, and secure your entire tech infrastructure.

We can also offer data backup, IT support, IT monitoring, and more. Our services are designed to boost your operations. Cybersecurity requires a proactive strategy.

Our Advantage

Nationwide pharmacy cybersecurity consulting services: We can help all pharmacies nationwide deal with cybersecurity threats. Our experts have the knowledge to deal with threats in different jurisdictions.

Service variety: We handle cybersecurity and related services. We also do internal audits to test the effectiveness of internal controls in your pharmacy, formulating new controls and policies where necessary.

True experts and resources: We have experts nationwide on cybersecurity and related fields. We can handle every pharmacy consulting concern imaginable, ensuring you focus on core business. We also have the resources to tackle the most serious cybersecurity threats.

Cyber-attacks have evolved over the years. Any organization is at risk, including pharmacies that handle and store sensitive data. Our services minimize data loss and consequences of cyber-attacks. They also ensure internal controls, support security policies, and offer oversight mechanisms to avoid consequences like reputation damage, hefty fines, and closure.

Start taking cyber threats seriously and enact proactive information technology solutions while offering training and maintaining data security and privacy. Call us at 866-352-9324, or contact us online, to request a free, confidential & non-obligatory consultation with one of our many pharmacy cybersecurity consulting and internal audits experts.

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