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Pharmacy Consulting Team Lead – Timothy E. Allen | Former Special Agent (U.S. Secret Service & DOJ-OIG)

Electronically stored information or data that is adequately collected and analyzed can result in a successful investigation.

Corporate Investigation Consultants has trained digital forensics consultants nationwide. Our team of digital forensics experts offers pharmacies unlimited reach on digitally stored data in investigation and litigation matters.

We have the capacity to meet complicated data privacy requirements. We also have the expertise, resources, and know-how to collect data across multiple jurisdictions, hostile environments and from multiple devices.

Pharmaceutical operations rely heavily on digital infrastructure. We can recover and investigate digital data in digital devices to unearth pharmacy-related investigations. We use a variety of techniques that include, but aren’t limited to:

Data Mapping

We can map the custodians of data and sources of electronically stored information for preservation. Our data mapping extends to interviews with custodians and witnesses. We do all this while ensuring we adhere to local data privacy laws and data transfer laws. Our service aims to homogenize data and allow better decision making.

Forensic Analysis

After collecting data, our expert digital forensics consultants can index such data to enable high-speed searches and retrieval of critical information using various criteria. Indexed data is searchable and analyzable using keywords, dates, and other distinguishing factors. We can also process hard disk images and other data sets to profile computer use, which may be the “key” to solving a case.

Corporate Investigation Consulting’s digital forensics consulting can document forensic processes entirely and offer reports that assist in audit processes and legal proceedings.

Forensic Imaging

We can also ensure ambient data (information that isn’t utilized or viewed during normal operations) and live data retain its integrity to enable defensible analysis. If forensic imaging isn’t possible, we can collect digitally-fingerprinted data via checksum to retain integrity. Alternatively, we can do secure ESI collection.

Cloud, Mobile Device & Social Media Collection

We can image and collect all data types from the cloud and all types of mobile devices, including tablets and mobile phones. While cloud data comes with unique challenges ranging from data privacy to data identification, acquisition, and preservation, we collect such data according to client requirements in accordance with applicable data privacy/transfer laws. We can collect data from cloud, hosted data repositories, webmail, and social media sites.

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Roger Bach

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Ray Yuen

Former Supervisory Special Agent (FBI)

Michael S. Koslow

Former Supervisory Special Agent (DOD-OIG)

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Special Agent U.S. Secret Service (ret.)

Forensic Data Analytics

We Can Find Pharmacy Compliance Risks

We have data scientists in our team who are experts in fields such as data mining and database programming. Our experts can find compliance risks in your pharmacy’s operations. Our data analytics staff are experienced in gathering and analyzing large sets of transactional data in complex IT systems such as those used by large pharmaceutical operations. These actions are followed by prioritizing findings that present high compliance risks.

Our approach increases review effectiveness and guarantees optimal resource allocation. Data analytics accuracy is increased by incorporating risk assessment and internal control review iteratively.

Corporate Investigation Consultants also use visualization tools when communicating findings to help clients understand patterns and anomalies in data that need reviewing and additional interrogation.

We Can Help in Financial Crime and Fraud Investigations

If your pharmacy is facing unexpected investigations, we can help in identifying key data sources for review and analysis. Our investigations team has experience in IT interviews, enterprise resource planning, and related fields. We can narrow down the focus of an investigation with ease and identify the main sets of relevant data. We can also retrieve and preserve such data through forensic protocols that ensure minimal disruption to the critical operations of your pharmacy.

Thorough investigations require comprehensive reviews of critical information. However, electronic evidence resides in different data sources, making it harder to identify hidden relationships, reconcile transactions and perform other important tasks between systems.

Our expert data analytic experts can map and link data overcoming these challenges. We can establish a centralized data repository that allows investigators to review data holistically and do comparative analyses.

We Can Assess IT and System Controls

Pharmacy audits that end up in investigations require interviews, financial walkthroughs, and reviewing of procedures, policies, and internal controls. They may also require evaluations to check if enacted procedures and policies are reflected and coded in a pharmacy’s IT systems.

Our data analytics experts know how to fuse their technological prowess and compliance experience together. We can examine IT system protocols and controls effectively to test pharmacy compliance and find gaps in the system. We focus on everything from system processes to end-to-end data flow.

We Can Do Transaction Monitoring

Corporate Investigation Consulting’s data analysts use sophisticated machine learning techniques and algorithms to model and forecast risk. We can also quantify risk using historical data and find patterns indicating fraud. We can help you detect fraud in your pharmacy operations, prevent it as well as reverse reputational risk. We can sort large transaction sets in your pharmacy operations and flag high-risk ones that need reviewing.

Why Choose Corporate Investigation Consulting for your Digital Forensics Consulting Needs?

Regardless of the type, scale of investigation, or data involved, Corporate Investigation Consulting delivers solutions. Our digital forensics consulting services include collecting, processing, and reviewing big data. The services also include verifying results and meeting nationwide requirements for the collection, analysis, and production of data from many sources (ranging from email to cloud, social media, voice mail, shared server files, databases, etc.

We offer proactive and reactive support via expert digital forensics methods and tools to help pharmacies and their legal teams understand tech-dependent problems. Computer crime and other formal disputes are common in the pharmaceutical world. Our service has numerous applications, the most notable being supporting or refuting hypotheses in civil or criminal proceedings. We can help challenge or defend the integrity of evidence.

Regardless of the devices in question (computers to mobile devices, hard drives, and servers), Corporate Investigation Consulting is ready to support clients in acquiring, analyzing, and reporting data from such devices.

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